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Say hello to a stress free office move!
  • Compare all major suppliers quickly and simply.
  • Save money on your office refurbisment.
  • Stay protected from unwanted sales calls.
  • Suppliers are accountable - they rely on receiving positive feedback from you.
Who are we and why did we create OfficeMan?

At OfficeMan we understand that finding reliable suppliers can be confusing and extremely time consuming. Businesses are often bombarded with sales calls as soon as the market finds out they are relocating or refurbishing their office. We also know that projects are often delivered below standard, over budget or behind schedule, leaving companies feeling disappointed with the service they have received.

So - we decided to do something about it and OfficeMan was born. The aim is simple - to ensure that anyone moving or refurbishing their office will hire trustworthy and reputable suppliers. OfficeMan keeps company details confidential protecting businesses from endless sales calls. We also guarantee that suppliers are accountable for the work they do – if they don’t do a good job for you it’s unlikely they will get hired again through the site.

Thanks to a great team of developers and designers behind us, our mission to transform a traditional industry in to a sector that provides the best quality of service to the client is well under way.

Founder, Jonathan Peace, previously worked for London's leading commercial property agency and created OfficeMan to help his clients deal with the frustration of sourcing suitable suppliers. In December 2010 Jonathan teamed up with a group of qualified commercial property professionals in order to provide the best and unbiased advice to OfficeMan users.

How does OfficeMan help office movers?
  • It makes the selection process easy by vetting suppliers so that only the most reputable companies are listed.
  • OfficeMan's free support helps you avoid unexpected costs plus you'll have access to suppliers' discounts and special offers.
  • By using a secure username, your company details remain confidential.
  • Suppliers are driven to complete your project to a high standard and within budget because they are accountable for the service they deliver. Their reputation and future work depends on receiving positive feedback from you.