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Agile working examples
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City Fringe
City fringe - (Clerkenwell, Old Street, Shoreditch and East London - highlighted in Pink)...
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Agile working examples


City Fringe

City fringe - (Clerkenwell, Old Street, Shoreditch and East London - highlighted in Pink)


Mercedes Showroom Prepares For Multi-Million Relocation

A vehicle showroom could be moving from Besses over to Bury, if plans for relocating are given the go-ahead to move forward. Apparently, the Mercedes-Benz showroom is planning on shutting down its present base, which is located on Bury Old Road, in order to open up a new multi-million-pound showcasing site that will be located on Manchester Road. The site where the Mercedes-Benz company is planning to move to, has been vacant since 2008.

It was previously the site where Volvo used to reside. The firm has asked permission for the Bury Council to demolish the garage that is located on the Manchester Road site, and opt to construct a new dealership, garage, and a MOT testing centre. On top of building all of these facilities in the area, one hundred forty eight parking spaces, will also be available in the region as well.

A report by the council states that the garage in Besses is presently not suitable for what the firm needs it to be used for. The site does not provide the opportunity for the firm to expand their dealership, and be able to develop their business. The new site will be able to adhere to the requirements of the firm.

The new site provides the opportunity that the company is looking for, regarding its dealership. It is a larger area, which makes it more suitable for what the firm would like to do. The proposed construction alterations, will enable the company to be able to improve and modernise the appearance of the site. It will enable the company to be able to appeal to passerby’s that are driving in traffic.

Enabling the Mercedes-Benz organisation to move to the new site, is not only going to provide the company with an attractive site that they will be able to operate on, but it will also allow the company to bring a high level of attention to the residents that locally reside within the area. This will bring attention to individuals and people that utilize Manchester Road, which will be where the new proposed site will rest.

Allowing the new site to be built in the area, will also help to boost the small town’s economy a lot. It will raise the commercial profile of the town, as well as enhance the reputation of this often overlooked portion of Bury. There are presently, forty-four individuals that work at Besses, none additional individuals will be added onto the working crew, in order to assist with the move.

The firm has held some pre-application conversations with the council, as well as a public consultation meeting with neighbors that presently utilize the site. The talks were conducted at the Hebrew Synagogue located in Bury, on June the 18th. The communities proposal to Mercedes-Benz moving into the area, were received favorably. The majority of the individuals residing within the area, are pleased to see that the open site will be put back to use.

The Bury Council has sent out written surveys to ninety neighbors, asking what their opinions on the move are.




Ebbon-Dacs Makes Plans To Relocate In Order To Expand Their Organisation

Ebbon-Dacs, which is an Oxford-based virtual fleet’s provider, is preparing for expansion, and furthering the development of their business, by relocating to a brand new facility, just outside of their present city. Ebbon-Docs, which presently supplies an exclusive e-procurement platform, known as Leaselink for fleet management industries that are engaged in contract to hire leasing programmes, has managed to outgrow its present offices.

Its current offices are located in Cumnor. The organisation has been utilizing its present offices for the past twelve years, and for that time frame, they have been able to suffice. However, as new business developments, are continuing to flood the offices of the organisation, the only way that they can keep their business operating to its full efficiency, is to relocate.

The office is planning on introducing new business development ideas, furthering its course of business overseas, and adding on new members of staff. With all of these new additions in the works, the business demanded new facilities and new offices, in order to keep their business afloat. The new offices, needed to be able to match the growing aspirations that the business has for itself.

The organisation has decided to move to Wooton Business Park. The newer high-tech offices, will provide the business with increased space, enhanced resources for staff, and on-site training facilities, for the new staff members that they are hoping to hire, in the near future. The managing director for the organisation, Robert Pilkington, states that the organisation required new offices that would be able to match their expansion and growing ambitions.

Along with furthering development plans for Leaselink, the organisation is also planning on opening up a few new offices in Germany, this year as well. These offices will be added to the present offices, that the organisation, already has erected in the Netherlands. There is a development team that is presently working for the organisation, in the Eastern section of Europe.

At the present time, Germany, is the largest automobile market in the world, and it is also one of the largest fleet marketers within Europe. By opening up commercial offices in the country, the organisation is hoping that they will be able to attack the market, in a good way. The organisation has recently started developing a second generation product for Leaselink.

The second generation product, is being used by thirteen of the fifteen top leasing companies within the UK. The platform is used by fleet and leasing management companies, in order to be able to track deliveries in a more efficient manner. The organisation is more than 100,000 newer fleet vehicles per year, away from purchasing a community of motor manufacturers, and there are presently 1500 different franchised dealers, nationally, that work with the organisation.

With all of the product enhancements and developments taking action, the need to fuel the expansion of the organisation, could not have come at a greater time. Pilkington states that he feels that right now is the perfect time for the organisation to relocate, and the entire team is ready for the next phase of the organisations development.