Q. It is free to post a move but at what point do we have to pay a fee?

A. Never! The use of OfficeMan is completely free for office movers.

Q. Why am I not hearing from suppliers?

A. Check in ‘Job settings’ that you have posted an ‘Open’ move as opposed to a Private’ move. If you have posted a private move only the suppliers that you invite will be able to contact you.

Q. How do I post specific information about a certain part of my move eg. my IT requirements.

A. Once you have posted your move you will be able to enter any supplier category eg. IT and Telecoms and post specific details on the public forum. This information will only be visible to IT and Telecoms suppliers.

Q. We have decided not to move how can I let everyone know.

A. If you go into ‘Job settings’ you will be able to change the job status to ‘cancelled’ this will let everyone know that you no longer need their services.

Q. I have received enough quotes through OfficeMan and am ready to make a decision. How can I stop receiving any more.

A. If you go into ‘Job settings’ you can change the job status to ‘locked’ this has the effect of keeping your job open to all suppliers that have already contacted you but preventing any other suppliers from competing on your job.

Q. Can I post more than one move on the same account?

A. Yes, if you have already posted a job and would like to post another job simply log in to your account and click ‘post a move.’ After the new move is posted you will be able to switch between moves by activating them in ‘Job settings.’

Q. You mention that OfficeMan brings peace of mind and that suppliers will deliver the best possible service. How is it any different from hiring suppliers outside of OfficeMan?

A. Suppliers on OfficeMan rely on receiving positive feedback from you in order to help win future business through the site. As a result there is a degree of ‘accountability’ which would not exist if you hired the same supplier outside of OfficeMan.

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