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Working with OfficeMan Limited

OfficeMan provides an independent, unbiased and expert project management service for companies relocating offices or carrying out an office refurbishment. We will organise and implement every stage of your office fit out and connect you with vetted and trustworthy suppliers including: Fit out, IT, telecoms, furniture, removals and more.

Our expert project managers will ensure that you hire the best suppliers, negotiate the lowest costs and deliver your project to the highest standard:

  • Creation of a detailed project plan, budget & relocation schedule


    Before your project starts it is important that you have a clear program of works and a schedule that you can follow. The first step is to obtain a detailed 'brief'. We help you to plan all aspects of your relocation; growth plans, branding opportunities, staff and client use and the overall look and feel you want to obtain.

    With an average refurbishment involving over 130 different elements it is important you know what is required and when. A clear, detailed brief will assist in creating the project plan and will save valuable time throughout the process. Timing is crucial; correctly engaging with the right suppliers at the right time is key to a successful relocation.

    We will also assist in creating a budget for the relocation. Understanding what is required and the expected costs involved will allow you to keep control of the project.

  • Sourcing new office space and lease negotiation


    We help you to find the perfect office for your business. Our acquisition agents have complete coverage of every available office space in London via our network of over 400 landlord estate agents. We will run a thorough research of the market and put together a list of the most suitable properties matching your brief.

    Once we have located the right office for you we will assist you in negotiating the best lease terms (including rent, incentives, service charge, rent deposit, repairing obligations, alterations and alienation). We will carry out a thorough property due diligence to analyse and mitigate all liabilities taken on under the lease.

  • Space planning and office interior design


    Once you have located a suitable office, the first step in coordinating the interior fit out is to draw up a space plan to show exactly how the office interiors will be laid out. This will include all elements, including location of desks, meeting rooms, reception, kitchen, comms rooms and breakout areas. We will work with you to plot the most effective layout for your space.

    Once the space plans have been created we then engage with our trusted interior designers to bring your office to life. From the carpet tiles, furniture, colour scheme to wall art and placement of company branding, working with the right interior designers is crucial to creating the perfect working environment.

  • Assessment and hiring of office refurbishment suppliers


    With the majority of office fit outs occurring over time and over budget and to a standard below expectation, it is no wonder most managers tasked with an office relocation feel stressed. We work with you to bring in trusted and the most suitable suppliers for your project size and budget - including interior designers, fit out companies, furniture suppliers, IT and Telecoms providers, removal companies and more.

    All our suppliers have been pre-vetted and are consistent in delivering high quality work. Furthermore OfficeMan listed suppliers are accountable - they are driven to complete your project to a high standard and within budget because their reputation depends on receiving positive feedback from you.

    Comparing fit out quotes is often very difficult due to the different formats and price structures used. Often one fit out company will provide a quote for very basic items such as furniture and partitions with the view to upsell and increase the budget once they have been appointed. As a result the quote that offers the best value is often not the one with the lowest price. We analyse all supplier quotes and tender documents to verify which supplier offers the best value. We negotiate with chosen suppliers to ensure the cost of your office fit out is kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

    Understanding specific costs of individual products and services allows us to critically evaluate the final quote. We will negotiate with all suppliers to ensure you get the best deal and the highest level of service throughout the entire project.

  • On-site and off-site supplier management


    We provide on-site management throughout the fit-out program. We work closely with suppliers both off and on-site to ensure that all quality control issues are identified and resolved before project completion and sign off. Our job is to ensure that your project is delivered on time, to budget and to the highest standard.

  • Health and safety compliance


    Underlining any commercial fit out project is the requirement to be compliant with regards to building control measures and health and safety. We arrange for the appropriate assessments to be completed prior to you moving into your new office space.

  • Office move


    We will organize and coordinate every detail of the move into your new office. We will plan an efficient relocation that will be the least disruptive to your staff and operations.